Thursday, May 24, 2007

Democrats are weak and spineless

Apparently, Congressional Democrats decided they'd better totally cave in to Bush on war funding, stripping timelines out of the funding bill, because otherwise Big Scary George Bush would have--gasp!--called them names.

From the New York Times, by way of TPM Cafe, which has some great commentary on the matter:

Democrats said they did not relish the prospect of leaving Washington for a Memorial Day break — the second recess since the financing fight began — and leaving themselves vulnerable to White House attacks that they were again on vacation while the troops were wanting. That criticism seemed more politically threatening to them than the anger Democrats knew they would draw from the left by bowing to Mr. Bush.

So let me get this straight.

Bush is now the least popular and least trusted president since Nixon. A huge majority of the country wants out of his war. (In fact, a substantial majority wishes the Bush presidency were "just over.") The Democrats, last year, seized power precisely because Republicans ran on "the Democrats are weak on security and don't support the troops" and got creamed.

Did I miss something? Have we stepped into some kind of time warp where it's still 2003, and all Bush has to do is swagger and call Democrats names and everybody will swoon and vote Republican? Because if not, this is moronic.

And...I'm sorry..."the left"? A large majority wants the war ended. I'm getting really sick of everyone--Democrats, Republicans, the media--acting as if war opposition is a "left wing" position. It's a majority position. So, basically, Democrats are afraid that if they don't defy the will of the majority and capitulate to a president the majority loathes, the majority will think they're weak because the guy they loathe said so.

If that makes no sense to you, welcome to my nightmare. Grow a spine, Democrats. This is really important. Also, maybe you need new calendars, because it's not 2003.

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