Friday, January 9, 2009

The final curtain

I realize I haven't blogged much on "Bird Brains" in the past, though it was definitely a cathartic experience when I did. However, I thought I'd make my farewell official.

To be honest, I'm weary of righteous anger. The election of Obama and a Congressional Democratic majority has gone a long way towards assuaging that. Sure, they're not perfect, and they're going to stumble more than once. (In some ways, they already have.) When that happens, there are plenty of progressive activists out there who will take them to task by holding their feet to the fire. I, at least publicly, will not be one of them. There are other aspects of my life which I've neglected that I need to concentrate on once again, now that the nightmare of the Bush years is coming to a close.

I want to thank Liberal Eagle and Liberal Seagull for giving me this forum for those times when I did want to vent. It felt good, and seeing your feedback made me feel better. For now, let's raise a glass to a brighter future. We could all use one.

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