Friday, May 25, 2007

Dangerously wrong.

From a Seattle P-I article about a gang of protesters dressed in prison outfits and wearing mascot heads of Bush, Cheney, and others:
But not everyone finds the costumes humorous. Nadine Gulit, a spokeswoman for the local group Operation Support Our Troops, has seen the chain gang at protests in the Seattle area, and she believes the demonstrators are in poor taste.

"They're very offensive for anyone," Gulit said. "They're wasting their time ... They don't seem to realize that Bush is a soldier, too. He's our commander in chief."
Uhm, no, Nadine. No matter how well he plays dress-up, George W. Bush is not a soldier, he's a civilian. Elected, civilian leadership of the military is one of the most important principles of our government; it helps ensure the people will control the military, and not vice versa.

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